Friday, 9 January 2015

JB Bullet: #jesuischarlie

Following the tragic events earlier this week, France's artists have been outspoken in their
condemnation of the Charlie Hebdo killings.

Elsewhere the spontaneous demonstrations of solidarity across France and elsewhere showed the best of the French people, replying to an act of barbarism not with a spirit of vengeance but with a spirit of solidarity with the victims and with defiance rather than fear.

Meanwhile a song by JB Bullet has caught the mood perfectly, with over 6 million views  for the track #jesuischarlie

JB Bullet says that he's not in the habit of writing political songs, his material  is normally much lighter in tone, but the event hit him in the guts and he wrote the song that evening in front of the shocking images on the television.

The song is based on Renaud's song Hexagone  which appeared originally on his 1975 album Amoureux de Paname.

It could not be more appropriate, Renaud himself having written for Charlie Hebdo in the 90s. Renaud, who according to his daughter, spoke of the killings in tears, saying he had lost all his friends.

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