Thursday, 20 March 2014

Albert Camus lit L’Etranger / REMIX

An interesting event being held in Edinburgh tonight, courtesy of the Institut français d’Ecosse as part of its
marking the Semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie.

Albert Camus lit L’Etranger / REMIX is an event that brings one of the biggest figures in 20th century French literature into 21st century club culture, in a live experience.

The show centres on a reading of the book L'étranger, by its author Albert Camus which was recorded in 1954, six years before his death.

This recording is brought to life and mixed with contemporary electronic music by Belgian DJ Pierre de Mûelenaere, the performance added to by images mixed live by video artists Orchid Bite.

The show takes a text, acknowledge to be  a classic of modern literature, and creates a contemporary multi-discipline interpretation.

It was originally created to mark the centenary of Camus' birth, and has since been staged internationally, and was in Moscow and Washington at the end of last year.

Literature, music and visual art are brought together and made to overlap, creating a new and unique performance that goes far beyond a simple recitation.

The show is being held at the Institut français d’Ecosse 13 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh tonight (March 20) and tomorrow (March 21)

A free programme in English and French will be available at the door. Members : £5 / Non members : £8
Albert Camus lit L'étranger REMIX - teaser from ONLIT Editions on Vimeo.

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