Friday, 29 March 2013

Woodkid: The Golden Age

With the release of the Woodkid album the Golden Age earlier this week, I thought it time to look at what has already been to these ears at least one of the albums of the year.

It's the debut album by the artist known to his family as Yoann Lemoine,and while the three singles he's released so far, I Love You, Iron and Run Boy Run may not have been huge hits (yet) , they were heaped with the kind of critical praise and
respect reserved for only very special artists indeed.

The album takes us further into his world, with the epic musical backgrounds contrasting with the subtle and almost vulnerable voice.

For all his day job involves him making music videos, for the likes of Yelle, lana Del Ray, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, never mind his own which earned him a Grammy nomination, it looks like it will be a while until he's pursuing anyone else's artistic vision given the strength of this release.

For all the album sounds like the kind of work that's come about as a result of intense work in the studio, he's got an impressive schedule of live dates ahead, in France, mainland Europe and the UK and Ireland, the tour ending at the Zénith in Paris in November

I expect we'll be hearing a great deal more about Woodkid in the near future.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Justice: Access all Arenas

Great to hear news that Justice are to release a live album entitles Access all Arenas, recorded on their international tour that they undertook last year on the back of 2011's Audio, Video, Disco album.

The album was one of my favourites, taking dance music into the realm of rock, and vice versa and coming up with something entirely new altogether.

It's their second live collection, following 2008's A Cross the Universe album.

Justice established themselves as a strong live act, perhaps more so than any operating in the electronic/dance genre.

The live album was recorded at their gig in July last year at the the arena in Nîmes, a Roman amphitheatre that's been holding shows since around 70AD, hosting everything from gladiators to bullfights, recently the venue where Metallica's Français Pour Une Nuit and Rammstein's Volkerball live DVDs were recorded.

Access all Arenas is released on May 6.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

M83: Oblivion

M83's title track to the new Tom Cruise film Oblivion has appeared online.

The track Oblivion features vocals by Norwegian singer-songwriter Susanne Sundfør.

Given Anthony Gonzalez's apparent like for the more cosmic things (the band is names after a galaxy after all) involvement in the soundtrack of a science fiction film seems an obvious move.

Gonzales composed the score with Joseph Trapanese, who arranged five tracks on M83's Hurry Up I'm Dreaming album, and worked with Daft Punk on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.

The track StarWaves - a slow instrumental - from the film soundtrack emerged earlier.

The film is based on a graphic novel by the same name, which was written by Joseph Kosinski, who made his film directorial debut with Tron: Legacy, a film that also memorably featured a French band's soundtrack.

2011's Hurry Up We're Dreaming gave M83 their biggest commercial hit, and a film soundtrack seems a good move in that it allows them to build on the success of that release without the weight of expectations of a new album. Although a soundtrack for a $100m movie is hardly a low key release.

That being said, the song - complete with its 80s influences - could easily be imagined as a massive hit single along the lines of songs like Show Me Heaven by Maria McKee from Days of Thunder or Take My Breath Away by Berlin on Top Gun.

Of course, those with longer memories recall Tangerine Dream, a European electronic act with a cosmic attitude, doing the soundt
rack for Risky Business, an early hit for Tom Cruise.

Whether or not Tom Cruise remains the big draw at the box office that he was in the 80s remains to be seen, but there's no denying the soundtrack certainly deserves top billing.

The film Oblivion is released on April the tenth.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Lou Doillon: Defiant

A video's come out for another track from the Lou Doillon album Places.

This time its the song Defiant that gets the big screen treatment.

The album, the debut collection from the daughter of Jane Birkin and Jacques Doillon, has been a huge hit in France since it was released in September. It has already been in the top three in the album charts and has been a platinum seller, with the tracks Angel or devil and ICU having been previously promoted as singles.

The former actress and model went on to win the Best Female Artist award in the Victoires de la Musique awards in February.

The new video follows the clip for Angel or Devil, which was filmed in Scotland. This one is more upbeat and has a more retro pop style with nicely shot live footage.

Lou Doillon is on  tour in in France at the moment, and plays festival dates over the summer

The album Places gets a UK release on April 22.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Phoenix "Entertainment" covered by Dinosaur Jr

With the Phoenix album Bankrupt! competing with the Daft Punk new release for the title of 2013's most anticipated French album release, their single Entertainment has been given a new twist with a cover by US indie rock legends Dinosaur Jr.

It certainly takes the Phoenix song somewhere it's not been before and makes it something very different to what it was originally.

The Phoenix album is due to be released on April 22, the day the band play a date in London.

The album will also be released as a deluxe version which includes 'The Bankrupt! Diaries', 71 bonus tracks of work-in-progress recordings made as the band recorded the album.

The tracks, many of them around a minute long, are demos and sketches that the band recorded during the album sessions. The tracks Aristotle and Aristotelian last just one second. The extra material clocks in at around an hour in total.

There are, sadly, no Dinosaur Jr covers done in Phoenix style.

Thomas Mars from Phoenix said:  "My brother David took me to see Dinosaur Jr. live in Paris around the time when Green Mind was released.

"I have been a fan since then" , he added.

Extensive live dates have been confirmed surrounding the Phoenix album release, with festival dates over the summer in Europe preceded by dates in North America.

Daft Punk: Random Access Memories

Another piece of the puzzle that is the next Daft Punk album appears, with the confirmation of the album's name and release date.

The fourth album by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo is to be called Random Access Memories, and comes out on May 21.

Still no confirmation of any live dates, and the speculation around the Daft Punk release continues to build.

In the meantime, with so little to go by, some enterprising fans have made the brief musical background to advert clip that recently emerged  into a ten minute loop.

Others have taken the short clip and remixed it as well.

It's been the best part of a decade since their last full album, 2005's Human After All, so you can understand some of the excitement. While there have been live releases, remixes and soundtracks since, none of these have re-shaped the musical landscape as much as their full albums, nor have they really been intended to.

While many details remain to emerge, and expectations running high, the album is certainly one to look forward to. Fingers crossed that it lives up to the hype.

Friday, 22 March 2013

-M- : #mojodance

A great little video for Friday, with -M- unveiling the winner for his #mojodance video competition.

Matthieu Chedid asked fans to create their own versions of his Mojo clip, one of last year's most memorable videos.

The track originally came from the album Îl that was released in November. Mojo was released in August, and the track recalled a more rock orientated  -M- than some of his more recent work.

The album was met with critical success, and was a number one download on iTunes.

The track Océan was released as the second single from the album earlier this month.

-M- is currently on tour for much of the rest of the year, and those who submitted videos won tickets to see the nearest concert .

Lescop: La Nuit Americaine

As I mentioned earlier this year, Lescop's debut album is to get a UK release, and the date of its release has been confirmed as June 3.

It was one of my favourite releases of last year, and it's wonderful to see it getting some attention in the UK. While he's played dates over here before, hopefully the release of the album will lead to more shows on this side of the channel.

In the meantime, a video for the track La Nuit Americaine has emerged. The video was initially geographically restricted on youtube, but I'm pleased to get the chance to see it outside France and certainly worth the wait.

The video - more a short film - was directed by Sylvie Verheyde from an original idea by Mathieu Lescop.

Sylvie Verheyde has also directed a number of films, including 1997's un Frère which starred Emma de Caunes in a César-winning role, Princesses , Stella and 2011's Confession of a Child of the Century which starred Pete Doherty.

The video certainly puts Lescop's music in an appropriate dramatic context, and I'm sure its the kin do fthing we'll be seeing more of in the future.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Superbus: Smith 'n' Wesson

A new video from Superbus, this time it's the track Smith 'n' Wesson from their fifth album Sunset to get the big screen treatment.

The album was initially released in August last year, and the new clip has emerged ahead of live dates. They played some shows at the end of last year and are just about to undertake more dates, with a gig at the Olympia in Paris on April 2

It's the fourth song from the album to get promoted as a single, the tracks All Alone, A la chaîne, and Whisper getting issued already.

The band's last album, 2008's Lova lova was their most successful release so far, reaching number two in the French album charts. The new album's not matched that so far, but some more touring will no doubt raise its profile.

Singer Jennifer Ayache said in an interview that the album is to be re-issued as a special edition, featuring songs re-recorded with an orchestra, and while not confirmed, it would give the collection a well-deserved second chance at the market.

Thomas Dutronc and Imelda May: Clint (Silence On Tourne)

A video for the track Clint (Silence On Tourne) by Thomas Dutronc with guest vocalist Imelda May

The two performers compliment each other's style well in this track, which originally came out in a different version on his 2011 album Silence On Tourne, On Tourne En Rond.

May did not feature on this original version on Dutronc's second album, a hugely successful album that saw the singles Sac Ado and Demain.

With Imelda May a far better known name in the UK and Ireland than Dutronc, the song might even attract some publicity at this side of the channel. The English lyrics probably make the song a bit more friendly to an anglophone ear as well.

The video has a great retro quality that also suits the style of the two singers, the song paying tribute to Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, a director and star widely known to be a jazz lover. I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

May and Dutronc performed the track together at this year's Victoires de la Musique awards in February.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Festival: Festival Beauregard

Details of another summer festival in France have emerged, this time its the Festival Beauregard near Caen in Normandy.

Acts taking park include Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, New Order, Smashing Pumpkins, Alt-J, Bloc Party, The Hives, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Bat For Lashes, the Vaccines, Miles Kane, The Maccabees and Dead can Dance.

Among the French acts taking part are -M-, Olivia ruiz, Skip the Use, C2C and Benjamin Biolay.

It's the fifth time the festival's been held, and it looks like the biggest bill they've put on so far. Last year saw the likes of Kaiser Chiefs, Tindersticks, Sébastien Tellier and Franz Ferdinand play at the event.

The festival takes place on the 5th to the 7th of July.

Full details are on the festival's website

Monday, 18 March 2013

Saez: Miami

A new album release by singer songwriter Saez, one of France's most distinctive voices.

There's little doubt in my mind that Damien Saez is quite simply one of France's best singer songwriters around at the moment, whether tacking personal or political matters, or whether working in a rock context or with an acoustic backing.

His last release was the Messina triple album collection that came out last year.

Meanwhile, the artwork for Miami has caused a row with the RATP insisting on posters being removed from the Paris Metro system

It's not the first time that artwork for his work has got him into trouble with the RATP, with the posters advertising his 2010 J'accuse album (a naked woman in a shopping trolley) earning a ban. And a considerable amount of debate as to the rights and wrongs of employing the image.

Much the same again this time, it seems.

The title track of the new album is available to download free from Saez's website

Saez is on tour across France from tomorrow, March 19, with dates at the Zénith in Paris on April 18 and 19.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

St Patrick's Day - Renaud: La ballade Nord-Irlandaise

In previous years I've marked St Patrick's Day in the blog, in a way celebrating he celtic links between France and Ireland.

Apart from the obvious celtic link with Brittany, France has always been sympathetic to Ireland and its music has played a large part in bringing the countries together.

One singer who was captivated by Ireland and shared his love with his audience was Renaud.

Renaud Séchan is a hugely popular singer in France and very much a "chanteur engagé". He has always been politically engaged and his songs have regularly articulated social criticism in a voice that's attracted criticism for its lack of sophistication, in a way similar to Bob Dylan, criticism that's usually rejected on account of his songwriting skills.

One song by Renaud remains well-know in the UK, with his song Miss Maggie attracting a huge amount of attention in 1985, during mMrgaret Thatcher's term as Prime Minister.

Renaud would be influenced by Ireland and recorded La ballade Nord-Irlandaise originally for his 1991 album Marchand de cailloux, which he recorded in London.

He would continue his exploration of folk music with his following album that came out in 1992, a collection of folk songs from the north of France entitled Renaud cante el'Nord.

Renaud toured pubs in Ireland in '97, his only publicity being a sign in the pub window saying he was playing that night.

His interest in Ireland would reach fruition with the 2009 album Molly Malone – Balade irlandaise, a collection of irish songs that were translated into French.

Recorded in Dublin with Pete Briquette, formerly of the Boomtown Rats, producing and Terry Woods from The Pogues among the musicians, the album would go straight in at number one in the French album charts.

(Clip) Renaud - La Ballade Nord Irlandaise by Cannibal-rouge

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Third birthday: Bon Anniversaire!

Today marks the third birthday of the Vive Le Roq music blog, so Bon Anniversaire to us !

The number of posts we're featured has increased over the years we've been around  from 24 in total on our first year to over 200 last year. To give an idea on what that kind difference means, I'm on schedule to have as many posts this month as I managed the whole of 2012.

The last couple of years have seen the music industry undergo massive changes. In the retail sector, it's not been so much The Times They Are A Changin' as It's the End of The World As We Know It. One thing that has remained constant though is that there's been a huge amount of great music being released.

There are arguments that the record companies are becoming more selective in what they release, less willing to allow artists to take chances and less willing to sign artists that are not immediate commercial propositions.

But that's always been the case. The music business has always been a volatile mix of art and business, an arena where quality is too often measured in commercial success rather than artistic merit. But regardless of this, quality acts have existed and great music has always come out and it still will.

One positive change that has certainly come around because of the internet is that music is more available than ever. Acts may find it harder to compete and to make a living, but by the same measure the costs of getting your music heard are lower than ever. Acts no longer have to wait for the record company to knock at their (virtual) rehearsal studio door before getting their music released and heard.

Similarly the geographical restrictions that once meant you had to actually be outside the UK before you heard much from beyond our linguistically and culturally limited  soundscape have been swept away by the internet. Our horizons are as open as we want them to be.

I'm optimistic about the future and I'm sure French music will be a significant part of the world's musical landscape in the decades to come.

Anyway, thanks for coming around, hope you enjoy the music as much as I have done, and onwards into the next year.

Merci et à bientôt


Friday, 15 March 2013

Eurovision: Amandine Bourgeois - L'enfer et moi

The video's been unveiled for France's entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, with the song L'enfer et moi by  Amandine Bourgeois.

She was the winner of the sixth season of Nouvelle Star in 2008, and has released two albums since then, 2009's 20 m²,a top five album, and 2012's Sans amour mon amour.

In January she was named as the proformed of France's Eurovision entry for the competitionin Malmö in Sweden. Eighteen songs were shortlisted for France's entry this year, and a panel chose five finalists going into a second round which resulted in her performance of L'Enfer Et Moi being chosen by a majority decision. The song was written by Boris Bergman and David Salkin.

Bergman's a writer and lyricist who has been a song writer since the last 60s, working with artists including France Gall, Juliette Gréco and others, including noteably Alain Bashung in the 80s.

He was also behing the English language adaptations of the songs of Serge Gaisbourg that appeared on the 2006 album Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited. he recently collaborated with ex-Téléphone guitarist Louis Bertignac on his Grizzly album from 2011.

Last year France was represented at the Final in Baku in Azerbaijan by Anggun with the song Echo (You And I).

This year's Eurovision final is being held on May 18.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mama Rosin: The Boat Sessions #1

A great piece of video of our favourite Swiss Cajun act Mama Rosin.

They were playing as a session for World Music magazine Songlines.

I featured them a while back when they played in Glasgow as part of the Celtic Connections festival, it's great to hear them doing so well.

They've just toured the UK and Ireland, and are currently playing in Poland and Germany.

their most recent album Bye Bye Bayou was released in October last year, bringing another chapter in their punk-informed take on French Southern American music via the shores of Lake Geneva.

the album was produced by John Spencer, from the band Blues Explosion, who first came across Mama Rosin when they supported him during some of his gigs in Europe.

Nice to see them getting some of the attention they deserve.

There are some more dates in the Netherlands and Paris next month, and shows in Texas and Louisiana following that.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

M Pokora: Live à Bercy

Been a while since i've looked at the French charts, so perhaps worth a mention of former boy band star M Pokora knocking Indochine off the number one position with his Live à Bercy album

The singer, known to his family as Matthieu Tota, was last at number one in the album charts in 2006,with his second album Player,  his last album A la Poursuite du Bonheur missing the top spot when it was released this time last year.

The live collection is a memento of the tour Pokora undertook following the release of the album. A la Poursuite du Bonheur has sold over 300,000 copies in France, his most successful album of his career, on the back of three successful singles Juste un Instant, On est là and Merci d'etre.

Since then, he's been even more high profile with his involvement in the Generation Goldman various artists collection which featured his duet with Tal Envole-moi. This recording went on to become a top five hit.

The Generation Goldman album, which was the number one seller before Indochine, is France's number two album this week.

Pokora first came to public attention as part of the Popstars reality show boyband band Linkup, whose 2003 Notre étoile album and single Mon étoile both reached number one in their respective charts France.

His solo career began the following year when the band split, his self-titled debut released in 2004 going platinum, the follow up in 2006, Player, hitting number one.

Pokora's shortly taking the part of Robin Hood in the musical Robin des Bois, Ne Renoncez Jamais from September, and a soundtrack CD due for release beforehand

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

-M- : Océan

A new video for the track Océan from the -M- album Mojo.

It's the second track to be taken from the album as a single, the album originally coming out in November last year.

It's a very different video to the street style of the previous track Mojo. This is by far a more artistic proposition with nods to 1970s style and art house cinema.

Last month saw the release of a new edition of the album Mojo, with extra remixes of the title track by C2C and Willy Moon, and -M- has been playing live extensively, even playing some dates in the UK earlier this month.

There are two dates at the Zénith in Paris in June, as well as gigs at some of France's biggest festivals over the summer.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

We Are Indie XIV

There's been some great work at the website with their compilations of some very fine cutting edge French (and elsewhere) music.

I'm very pleased to see their latest collection We Are Indie XIV is now available on the website.

There are a couple of international artists, Jacko Hooper from the UK, Italy's Platonick Dive, Wimps and The Bengsons from the US among them, but on the whole its acts from France that dominate the collection.

There are also some bands we've previously featured here on, such as Wall of Death and Hello Bye Bye.

There's a huge range of styles, from pop orientated to more experimental, electronic and rock.

I can't recommend it enough, and its available as either a free download or you can listen online.

It's available here:

Johnny Hallyday: 20 Ans

A new video by Johnny Hallyday, for the track 20 ans, one of the stand-out tracks from his L'attente album that was released in November last year.

Not an official video as such, but one that will be used to promote the song on TV and in the online media.

The video makes good use of old footage of Johnny, from the early 70s I think, intercutting it with film of the 2013 version of M. Hallyday.

The album was one of last year's biggest sellers in France, no doubt due to the extensive tour he undertook that saw not only dates across France, but shows in the USA and UK as well.

I was pleased to see the new Hallyday album for sale locally in the UK. Even if it was in the World Music section of a branch of HMV that is closing down.

As the lyrics suggest, he's far from retiring and will be touring again over the summer, his 70th birthday show at Bercy in Paris on June 15 will be shown on TF1, one of three dates he's playing there.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Indochine: College Boy

Indochine are to release another single from their Black City Parade album.

The track College Boy follows the first single release Memoria

The album has been the biggest seller of the year so far, having gone to number one of its first week of release.

The video, which has not yet been released, is being directed by Canadian Xavier Dolan

Indochine are started their first leg of live dates supporting the album last month, with dates this month and next.

A second leg of dates in the autumn that sees them playing larger arena sized venues around France.

So far there are no dates in the French capital, but they'll be playing in Paris, at the Stade de France in June 2014.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Vanessa Paradis: Love Song

Great to hear a new single by Vanessa Paradis, which comes out ahead of a new album to be released in May.

The track Love Song is a sophisticated slice of seriously funky electro and certainly a stylish return for the singer who has since the 80s been one of the iconic French music stars.

Her forthcoming album, her sixth studio collection, sees her collaborating with producer and composer Benjamin Biolay, along with musical input from Mathieu Boogaerts, Adrien Gallo and Carl Barât.

It's hard to believe listening to her new single that her most recent full studio album was her 2007 Divinidylle collection.

True, she's not exactly been idle in recent years, with a live album, an acoustic album and a very busy film career that amongst many highlights included her part in the animation Un monstre à Paris, which also saw the release of the song La Seine, one of the biggest selling singles of 2011 in France.

Listening to this new track she's obviously kept up with what's been happening in the world of music. Rather than taking things easy, she's taken up the challenge of releasing something with a freshness that artists half her age would be pleased with.

Her new album Love Songs, which is expected to be a double album, is released on May 13.

Vanessa Paradis is also reported to be touring in the Autumn.

Daft Punk: New album promo

Anticpation continues for the release of the new Daft Punk album, with the release of a short teaser clip at the weekend.

The clip was aired during an edition of Saturday Night Live in the US. It follows the recent release of a new image that emerged when they confirmed they had signed to Columbia Records.

There's not much that you can take from the short clip as to what might be on the cards with regard the new album, the band's logo and the new image, and some music that could be from the album.

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalte's last release was the soundtrack of the Tron:Legacy movie in 2010, their last full album Human After All came out in 2005.

Expectation will certainly be high, and Columbia won't be taking any chances in promoting it and building up some excitement about it. The fact that they've invested in a TV advert during one of the US's most watched shows suggests that they're not exactly intending a low key release.

As for the album itelf, Nile Rogers has said he has been working on it, while other names including Chilly Gonzales and Giorgio Moroder are also rumoured to be involved.

The picture will certainly become clearer in the months to come.

The new album is expected to be released later this year, with May seemingly the most likely release date.

Rumours of live dates have so far come to nothing.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Daniel Darc and Taxi Girl

Tributes have been paid to Daniel Darc, former singer with the band Taxi Girl, who has died at his hime in Paris.

Darc, whose orignal name is Daniel Rozoum, was 53. Details of the cause of his death have not formally been established.

Taxi Girl were a key band in the French New Wave scene, originally a trio that featured Darc, Laurent Sinclair and Mirwais Stass, later becoming a duo of Mirwais and Darc.

The band were active from 1978 - 1986, and they had two significant hits, with the songs mannequin in 1979 and Cherchez le garcon the following year.

While considered by some a new romantic outfit on account of their use of synths, Taxi Girl drew inspiration from acts like the Stooges and Suicide as much as Kraftwerk.

The band released several mini LPS during their career, their only full album being the 1981 collection Seppuku, which was produced by Jean-Jacques Brunel of the Stranglers, his fellow band member Jet Black contributing drums to the album.
The band would also tour the UK opening for the Stranglers and record an English language version of the album.

The album was one of France's first independent releases, on their own Mankin records label, under the guidance of Virgin records.

Following the split of Taxi Girl in '86, Mirwais would later find success as a producer and artist in his own right and produce albums by Madonna.

Darc had a successful solo career following the split of Taxi Girl, his debut album Sous influence divine coming out in 87, his 2004 album Crèvecœur wining a Victoires de la musique award the following year.

His most recent release was the album La Taille de mon âme, which came out in 2011. He was working on his autobiography at the time of his death.

Carla Bruni: Chez Keith et Anita video

The new video has emerged of the new single Chez Keith et Anita by Carla Bruni.

The song surfaced earlier this year, and its release comes ahead of her fourth album Little French Songs.

Her last album Comme si de rien n'était came out during her time as First Lady in France, now she's got a bit more time on her hands and a husband to support we can expect to see more of her musical output.

Apparently during her time as First Lady she suffered because she wasn't able to write music, took criticism of her husband badly and never felt at home in the world of politics.

Her position gave her a huge amount of attention that perhaps eclipsed her reputation as a musician, so with that weight now lifted she can perhaps now be judged on her merit as a performer rather than as a figure on the political scene with an interesting sideline.

Bruni's new album is released on April the first and she's playing some dates at the Casino De Paris in November.

Editorial: March 2013

Another month at Vive Le Roq, and February turned out to be a busy one.

Award season saw some interesting results and there were some strong releases, such as the new album by Indochine and a new track by the mighty Phoenix, and the shape of this summer's fesivals becomes much clearer with more line ups of some of France's big summer events being released.

Some big releases in March, with a new album by Saez and the debut by Woodkid hitting the shelves, Concrete Knives album also getting released in the UK.

March also sees the anniversary of the blog, and we've come a long way since March 2010. There have been more regular posts - I only managed a total of 24 posts in the whole of 2010 - and a bit more time and effort put into what goes online. Hopefully it's appreciated.

Anyway, more to come, and more projects on the horizon, and plenty of interesting new soinds in the month ahead.

As always, I can be contacted by email at the address johnkilbride AT hotmail DOT com, with the spaces and the appropriate @ and . in the address, or on twitter where you can find us @viveleroq

Merci et à bientôt