Wednesday, 13 March 2013

M Pokora: Live à Bercy

Been a while since i've looked at the French charts, so perhaps worth a mention of former boy band star M Pokora knocking Indochine off the number one position with his Live à Bercy album

The singer, known to his family as Matthieu Tota, was last at number one in the album charts in 2006,with his second album Player,  his last album A la Poursuite du Bonheur missing the top spot when it was released this time last year.

The live collection is a memento of the tour Pokora undertook following the release of the album. A la Poursuite du Bonheur has sold over 300,000 copies in France, his most successful album of his career, on the back of three successful singles Juste un Instant, On est là and Merci d'etre.

Since then, he's been even more high profile with his involvement in the Generation Goldman various artists collection which featured his duet with Tal Envole-moi. This recording went on to become a top five hit.

The Generation Goldman album, which was the number one seller before Indochine, is France's number two album this week.

Pokora first came to public attention as part of the Popstars reality show boyband band Linkup, whose 2003 Notre étoile album and single Mon étoile both reached number one in their respective charts France.

His solo career began the following year when the band split, his self-titled debut released in 2004 going platinum, the follow up in 2006, Player, hitting number one.

Pokora's shortly taking the part of Robin Hood in the musical Robin des Bois, Ne Renoncez Jamais from September, and a soundtrack CD due for release beforehand

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