Friday, 29 March 2013

Woodkid: The Golden Age

With the release of the Woodkid album the Golden Age earlier this week, I thought it time to look at what has already been to these ears at least one of the albums of the year.

It's the debut album by the artist known to his family as Yoann Lemoine,and while the three singles he's released so far, I Love You, Iron and Run Boy Run may not have been huge hits (yet) , they were heaped with the kind of critical praise and
respect reserved for only very special artists indeed.

The album takes us further into his world, with the epic musical backgrounds contrasting with the subtle and almost vulnerable voice.

For all his day job involves him making music videos, for the likes of Yelle, lana Del Ray, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, never mind his own which earned him a Grammy nomination, it looks like it will be a while until he's pursuing anyone else's artistic vision given the strength of this release.

For all the album sounds like the kind of work that's come about as a result of intense work in the studio, he's got an impressive schedule of live dates ahead, in France, mainland Europe and the UK and Ireland, the tour ending at the Zénith in Paris in November

I expect we'll be hearing a great deal more about Woodkid in the near future.

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