Monday, 25 March 2013

Phoenix "Entertainment" covered by Dinosaur Jr

With the Phoenix album Bankrupt! competing with the Daft Punk new release for the title of 2013's most anticipated French album release, their single Entertainment has been given a new twist with a cover by US indie rock legends Dinosaur Jr.

It certainly takes the Phoenix song somewhere it's not been before and makes it something very different to what it was originally.

The Phoenix album is due to be released on April 22, the day the band play a date in London.

The album will also be released as a deluxe version which includes 'The Bankrupt! Diaries', 71 bonus tracks of work-in-progress recordings made as the band recorded the album.

The tracks, many of them around a minute long, are demos and sketches that the band recorded during the album sessions. The tracks Aristotle and Aristotelian last just one second. The extra material clocks in at around an hour in total.

There are, sadly, no Dinosaur Jr covers done in Phoenix style.

Thomas Mars from Phoenix said:  "My brother David took me to see Dinosaur Jr. live in Paris around the time when Green Mind was released.

"I have been a fan since then" , he added.

Extensive live dates have been confirmed surrounding the Phoenix album release, with festival dates over the summer in Europe preceded by dates in North America.

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