Monday, 4 March 2013

Daft Punk: New album promo

Anticpation continues for the release of the new Daft Punk album, with the release of a short teaser clip at the weekend.

The clip was aired during an edition of Saturday Night Live in the US. It follows the recent release of a new image that emerged when they confirmed they had signed to Columbia Records.

There's not much that you can take from the short clip as to what might be on the cards with regard the new album, the band's logo and the new image, and some music that could be from the album.

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalte's last release was the soundtrack of the Tron:Legacy movie in 2010, their last full album Human After All came out in 2005.

Expectation will certainly be high, and Columbia won't be taking any chances in promoting it and building up some excitement about it. The fact that they've invested in a TV advert during one of the US's most watched shows suggests that they're not exactly intending a low key release.

As for the album itelf, Nile Rogers has said he has been working on it, while other names including Chilly Gonzales and Giorgio Moroder are also rumoured to be involved.

The picture will certainly become clearer in the months to come.

The new album is expected to be released later this year, with May seemingly the most likely release date.

Rumours of live dates have so far come to nothing.

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