Monday, 27 February 2017

Magma et le Mëtalïk Orkestraah on France 3

A TV report on France 3 about the mighty Magma, in particular their recent shows at the Olympia in
Paris earlier this month.

For their two gigs on February 2 and 3, the band were accompanied by a group of young musicians under the name Magma et le Mëtalïk Orkestraah for a unique series of performances.

The young musicians were students of Didier Locksood, the jazz violinist who himself played with magma in the 1970s. His career also saw him play with Pierre Moerlen's Gong as well as a lengthy discography of solo works covering jazz and jazz rock.

There's some brief footage of magma performing, both vintage and present day, confirming if there could be any doubt, that they remain today every bit as breathtaking a live proposition as they did then.

It would be ideal if more of the Olympia gig was made public, but the band said they would not be releasing recordings of the shows or video footage, probably balancing up the expense makes things more difficult that they used to be.

A few clips have appeared online, but it would be nice to get more full-length live Magma. Still, with a double DVD of their Emehntehtt-Re trilogie released at the end of January, there's no shortage of new Magma material so far this year.

Meanwhile, live dates around France and Switzerland in march will be well worth catchnig if you have the opportunity.


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