Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bon anniversaire - we are seven!

March 16, a full seven years ago, we began this blog. It's been quite a journey since then, with
 thousands of posts, some great tunes, videos and experiences.

So it's our birthday, but we're having a low-key one this year.  yeah, I know, Forgive us. Theres' a lot of other things going on that have been a distraction.

Maybe I'll blog about it, although perhaps better if I spare you.

In the meantime we'll hopefully have more posts before too long, however little we manage to post at the moment it's worth remembering that in our first year I only managed a total of 24 posts. Over the space of a whole year.

That's the kind of content I'd aim to do in a regular month. With the wind behind us, the amount we'd manage in a couple of weeks.

So bear with us during this quiet-ish time here. Thanks for dropping by and here's to the future.

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