Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The return of MC Solaar

Delighted to see the return of MC Solaar, ten years after the release of any significant new material from the pioneering French rapper.

Solaar was in the early 90s an artist who established rap as a serious genre in France, matching sharp lyrics with sounds that were fresh and funky as hell.

His work also had a resolutely French style, shot through with an urban experience that had more in common with les banlieues than the Bronx, and he charted a path others - many with lesser talents - have since followed.

He was also one of the first French rappers to make a mark in the anglophone world.

Solaar's last album was 2007's Chapitre 7, and the annoucement of a new album follows an unreleased track Sentinel Nord emerged earlier this year.

Solaar's new album is due before the end of the year, and a single is scheuled for August.

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