Thursday, 5 April 2018

The Missing Season - Mall Rats

Always a pleasure to be introduced to something new thanks to this blog, so a follow on Twitter led to me stumbling across The Missing Season.

I'm guessing from their new video they were sprawled across some seats in a shopping mall fast food joint at the time.

The Rennes-based five piece's track really should have been a massive hit in the 90s for some long-forgotten American act, but in the light of the 21st century it sounds like a memory of more innocent and carefree times. Like a message in a bottle that could have been at sea since yesterday, last night, or 20 years ago.

They sound soaked through with decades worth of melodic indie rock, whether 60s west coast or 90s Teenage Fanclub, but don't take their influences too seriously.

I known I'm digressing, but I love the bit in the video where the guitar solo is covered by shots of the band eating burgers. They properly captured the similarities between vintage guitar hero facial gurning and lunchtime snacking.

The Missing Season release their sixth album, entitled Frequency, on April 27 on Howlin' Banana Records in collaboration with Les Disques Normal, a Rennes based label who have been friends of this blog for quite a few years.

They've got live dates ahead in May, with a show in Rennes on May 3, at the Olympic Café in Paris on May 4 and in Nantes on May 5.

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