Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sébastien Tellier: Russian attractions

A new video by the mighty Sébastien Tellier, the track Russian Attractions from his recent My God is Blue album.

Tellier is touring at the moment, with date in France and mainland Europe as well as a show in the UK later this month.

My God is Blue was released in April, and it's already one of the most interesting releases of the year so far.

Tellier is an interesting figure, and there's fewer of them around these days. There are not many musical artists who are prepared to pursue an artistic vision regardless of the risk of alienating critics or audiences. In many ways he reminds me of the likes of Morrissey or Jarvis Cocker.

Too many musicians are too concerned with having careers these days, with the consequence that they endlessly recycle whatever successful formula they stumbled on. Few are prepared to genuinely take a chance. Tellier is unafraid to take that risk.

Tellier's taken his work into a strange new area, and while its easy to pick on his apparent messianic presona, he's taken his music in an interesting direction and pursued an artistic vision that is uniquely his own.

He's also been on facebook in the weeks since issuing "Blue messages" like "Gently force reality to resemble your dream." and "Isn't it more interesting to not understand rather than understand?".

Certainly a cut above the usual pop star Facebook posts.

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