Monday, 17 September 2012

Saez: Messina

A new album released today by Damien Saez, his seventh collection entitled Messina.

The album is a triple album, the three discs entitles Les échoués, Sur les quais and Messine.

Saez is no stranger to the triple album, his 2008 collection Varsovie - L'Alhambra - Paris spreading over three discs

His last release was J'accuse, which came out in 2010, a top three album in France despite the controversy over the album sleeve (a naked woman in heels in a supermarket trolley) which saw posters advertising the album banned.

The new collection sees Saez focussing on the musical arrangement of the work, the first disc featuring both rock and acoustic backing with pino and strings, the second is more rock orientated, while the third disc is more classical, with instrumental tracks.

In August, two tracks Betty and Les fils d'Artaud were made available as free downloads from  his website, a third track Messine appeared as a free download at the weekend.

The track Ma Petite Couturière was made available in 2010, and it now appears on the second disc of this new collection

Saez has tour dates in November and December across France supporting the album, most of these are already sold out.

Saez is already planning to release a second album this year, with Miami expected to come out in early December. More live dates are planned for March, April and May next year.

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