Monday, 1 October 2012

Editorial: October 2012

October is usually a busy month for music, with tours and releases in the build-up for Christmas, and it certainly looks like that will be the case this year.

Some big releases ahead, with the likes of Mylene Farmer releasing her much anticipated new material to give just one example.

Not quite as many posts as I had hoped for last month, but not to worry, pretty much the average number of posts for the last few months, and some great material covered.

I was blown away by releases by Saez and BB Brunes, and in particular by the acoustic version of the song Place de Mon Coeur by Eiffel.

It was also a reasonable month in September in terms of visitors to the blog, so thanks once again to all who took the time to drop by.

Meanwhile, last month also saw the blog pass a milestone of 400 posts. Over the years some posts have been  better than others, some more popular than others but on the whole I'm quite pleased that I've kept things going so long.

There were some great releases last month, and that certainly looks likely to continue in October. I've also got a few more ideas for feature type pieces, I'll hopefully get those together before too long.

Thanks again to bands, promoters and record labels who have been in touch, it's this kind of encouragement that makes it worthwhile.

Remember that I can be contacted via email at johnkilbride AT hotmail DOT com, with the appropriate punctuation instead of the words.

We're also on Twitter as @viveleroq, so catch up with us there if you can.

Until next time,

Merci et à bientôt


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