Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Murat: Noël à la maison

I'm continuing the festive season for the next few days with some festive French tunes.

Here's a track by Jean-Louis Murat, Noël à la maison. It was later covered by Florent Marchet on his Noël's Songs release that came out in 2011 either as a digital release or with the reissue of his Courchevel album.

The track comes from his Sentiment Nouveau Ep from 1992, and surfaced again on his Face Nord compilation, a collection that was issued by Les Inrocks magazine.

For good measure, and in the Christmas spirit of generosity, here's a live version of Florent Marchet performing the song at the Café de la Dance in 2011.Tthere's no doubt that they're both enchanting versions of a wonderful song.

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