Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Wall of death: From hell with love

A video for the track From Hell with Love by the band Wall of death.

The song has the strange qualities of a Leonard Cohen song covered by an underground heavy psych band for whom English isn't their native language.

There's a feeling that there's something wonderful here that's just out of reach, and can only be fully understood by repeated listening at a terrifying volume.

The track has a spacy yet driving sound reminiscent of the likes of Hawkwind, although Wall of Death are more focused on condensing their Lemmy-era explorations into precision engineered blasts from the beyond.

Even the video reflects some of the aesthetics of the era, with everything turned up to the maximum yet the central figure remaning detatched and cool.

Wall of Death are a three piece from Paris, namecheck the likes of psych pioneers the 13th Floor elevators, the Electric Prunes to 80s underground local champions The Jesus and Mary chain.

I have a feeling I'll be listening to this band a lot, and I suspect they're an intense live proposition.

The track comes from the band's debut album Main obsession, which was released in October on Born Bad Records.

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