Thursday, 8 August 2013

Kavinsky: Odd Look

Odd Look has been chosen as the latest track to get a promotion as a single from Kavinsky's album

The track maintains the cool retro/futurist electro sound that he's cultivated, and it fits well with the Terminator influence on the video.

Kavinsky's debut album was only released in February this year, despite his track Night Call featuring in the film Drive, which gave him a massive profile.

Odd Look also featured in a French advert for BMW last year.

Kavinsky is allegedly a fictional character created by Vincent Belorgey, who apparently crashed his Ferrari Testarossa in 1986, and reappeared as a zombie in 2006 to make electronic music.

Whether it's entirely true is open to question, but what is certain is that Belogey was influenced by the electronic soundscapes featured in movies of the 80s.

The track Odd Look has emerged as part of an EP - also titled Odd Look - which features a total of six different versions of the track,  of remixed versions of the track, the original and five remixes.

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