Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Black M: Sur ma route

I've neglected to mention Black M until now, for no reason other than lack of time, but the Sexion d'Assaut
member has been making a significant mark in France with a track from his recent solo album.

He's been at number one in France for several weeks with the track Sur ma route for several weeks.

The track comes from his debut solo album Les yeux plus gros que le monde, which also featured the singles Mme Pavoshko, Spectateur and Ailleurs.

Black M, also known as Black Mesrimes (or to his family and friends as Alpha Diallo ) took his stage name from the legendary French criminal/folk hero Jacques Mesrine, who in the late 60s and early 70s led an audacious criminal life of bank robbery, murder, kidnap and prison escape.

 He was seen by many as an anti-establishment Robin Hood figure, and was France's most wanted criminal and Public Enemy Number One until he was shot dead by the police in Paris in 1979.

But Sur ma route is a very approachable song, the kind of rap that reaches beyond the usual fans of the genre.

Other than his Sexion d'Assaut work, Black M  appeared on fellow collecive member Maître Gims' solo album Subliminal, one of the biggest rap releases in recent years. It was the success of this release that inspired Black M to record a solo album, and the success it has met with suggests GIms might not be the only Sexion d'Assaut member to have a huge solo career.

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