Saturday, 12 July 2014

Renaud: La Bande à Renaud Versions Originales

A recent tribute album La Bande à Renaud takes songs by French singer Renaud and sees them re-
interpreted by other artists.

These kind of collections have proved hugely popular in France in recent years, with the Génération Goldmancollections selling thousands of copies. Of course, while evidently a worthwhile commercial proposition, they also serve to introduce a new audience to the work of one of France's finest songwriters and performers.

I thought the release merited a look at the Vesions Originales of the songs, as they were performed by Renaud Séchan himself.

Manu: A track from Renaud's 1981 Le Retour de Gérard Lambert album. The version on the album is sung by Jean-Louis Aubert

Mistral gagnant: The title track from his 1985 album. It's proved to be one of his most durable songs, with several artist covering it over the years since. The La Bande à Renaud version is performed by Cœur de Pirate, and made it into the top 20 as a single.

La pêche à la ligne: Another track from the 1985 Mistral gagnant collection. On La Bande à Renaud it is sung by Bénabar.

Laisse béton: The title track from his 1977 album. The new version is by rapper Disiz.

Il pleut: A track from his 1988 Putain de camion album. Élodie Frégé performs a version on the Bande à Renaud album.

Chanson pour Pierrot: A track from his 1979 Ma gonzesse album.  The  Bande à Renaud album features a cover by Raphaël.

Hexagone: One of the songs that made Renaud famous, a track from his 1975 debut album Amoureux de Paname. Nicola Sirkis, the singer with Indochine, performs the version that appears on  La Bande à Renaud.

Deuxième génération: A song from his 1983 Morgane de Toi album The new compilation features a version by Benjamin Biolay.

La ballade nord-irlandaise: A track that featured on his Marchand de cailloux album from 1991, and also appeared on his 2009 Molly Malone – Balade irlandaise album, his most recent release. La Bande à Renaud features a version by Nolwenn Leroy

En cloque: Another track from the 1983 Morgane de toi album. The cover on the Bande à Renaud album is by Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine.

C'est quand qu’on va où: A song that comes from his À la Belle de Mai album from 1994. A new version recorded by Carla Bruni features on La  Bande à Renaud .

Je suis une bande de jeunes: Another track from 1977's Laisse béton. The  La  Bande à Renaud  version is performed by Renan Luce, Alexis HK & Benoît Dorémus.

La médaille: An anti-military song from his 1994 À la Belle de Mai collection. The new album features a cover by Grand Corps Malade.

Dès que le vent soufflera: The final track of the La  Bande à Renaud  album, a version by all the artists on the collection. The original fetured on his 1983 Morgane de toi album.

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