Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Diesel Only The Brave Wild advert featuring Woodkid

A track by Woodkid has been getting some considerable yet stealthy airplay as the soundtrack for the advert for a new fragrance by Diesel.

Diesel Only The Brave Wild uses the track Iron from Woodkid's The Golden Age album, originally released as his debut single in 2011.

The song a stirring and powerful number, making it an ideal choice for a striking advertising campaign.

Its been used in advertising campaign's before, being used for an Assassin's Creed game, and the song reached the top 30 in France as a single.

The fragrance, meanwhile,  features grapefruit, citronella, black pepper, nutmeg, geranium, lavender, coconut, cedarwood and vetiver.

The advert features French model and actor Willy Cartier who has previously featured in campaigns by Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and Jean-Paul Gautier.

Diesel describes the kind of person using the fragrance: "From all the pores of his skin, he knows how vegetation breathes, saturated with humidity and heavy scents, or shadowy mists. He can run like the wind, sniff out thunder and lightning and feel like a total child of nature. 

"An intrepid tamer of time, he fills streets and roads with his power that was born in faraway forests. Little by little he rebalances with nature and plant life, concrete and wood, the craziness of the city and the sense of wildlife. He puts harmony back into place."

With the Christmas market, a key time for the sale of fragrances , we can expect to hear a great deal more Woodkid during the advertising breaks on the TV in the coming months.

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