Thursday, 4 December 2014

Trans Musicales 2014 preview: Bison Bisou

Another look ahead to a band who are featuring at the Trans Musicales de Rennes festival, and who
are set to perform at the étage venue in Rennes city centre later today.

Bison Bisou are a rock act who have been around for three years and the five piece say they have been influenced by 90s indie rock and post punk.

The five piece act released their first single Swim Against Death in 2011, and their debut album Naive is expected before too long.

Tt seems they've grown on fertile soil, there are echoes of some very fine bands in their music, whether At the Drive In or Fugazi, but rather than just absorbing and repeating earlier left-field guitar rock, they sound like a band who have come up with something  very much their own.

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