Friday, 19 December 2014

Vive le Roq French relase of the year - Moodoïd: Le monde Möö

Time for the grand unveiling.

I've thought long and hard over what release this year should be the album of the year from Vive le Roq. It's a big trophy, a big honour, and the decision is one that can make careers or ruin reputations. It's not a decision that can be taken lightly.

Ok, maybe not. It's not exactly the  Victoires de la Musique, Academy Awards, or the Brits.

But this year, the honour falls on Moodoïd for their debut album Le monde Möö.

I had hopes that their album would be something special having seen them live and enjoyed their earlier releases, as well as Padovani's work with Melody's Echo Chamber. But the album not only surpassed my expectations but has been a work I've returned to repeatedly since, with no loss of its initial charm.

I said in my initial review: "They take one of music's more experimental and fertile times as their starting ground and apply the open-minded musical attitudes of that scene to create something very much their own."

It's a scenic and surprising ride through a strange an interesting place, with detours and excursions but without losing their direction.

Where we go next I don't know. Does the destination matter so much when the journey's been so good?

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