Monday, 5 January 2015

Peine Perdue: Cerceaux

A fine piece of cold electro from Peine Perdue, with a freshly released video for the track Cerceaux.

Their collection No Souvenir from last year was justifiably was critically acclaimed, reaching second place in the round-up of the best of 2014 in France's Noisy - the music channel of Vice - coming just behind Sleaford Mods' Divide and Exit.

Peine Perdue first released a  self-titled release in 2013, featuring eight tracks and a 'cocktail mix' of the track Je Penche. It came out as a cassette on Vocoder Tapes.

They followed  this with the Adieu Staccato six track vinyl release, apparently limited to 222 copies, which also came out in 2013.

Last year saw the release of No Souvenir, featuring a full fourteen tracks.

The video has emerged ahead of the Paris/Berlin duo's latest album, Disparitions, which is due to be released in April on Medical Records.

Before then they play at the New Morning in Paris on January 23.

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