Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Zaz: Sous le ciel de Paris

A third track from Zaz’s new album has been released, with the song Sous le ciel de Paris getting the spotlight with a new video.

It comes from her 2014 Paris album, and it follows the songs Champs-Élysées and Paris sera toujours Paris

Her album is a collection of songs paying homage to the French capital.

The new single was originally from the soundtrack of a 1951 film of the same name, and was originally performed by Jean Bretonnière.

Zaz is one of France's biggest selling artists in recent years, her last collection, Recto Verso establishing her name. Her music is an interesting modern take on French chanson and it certainly found a receptive audience.

The video presents a modern twist on traditional street images of Paris, and with its jazzy and retro feel it’s the kind of track that will immediately appeal to any  Francophile listener.


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