Monday, 7 March 2016

Fauve ≠ Azulejos

Another track has emerged from Fauve ahead of the release of the forthcoming live collection that
documents the spoken-work collective's live activities.

The track azulejos will feature on the album 150.900, a number that signifies the number of kilometers the collective have travelled in their tours.

Fauve have established themselves as one of France's most significant acts over the period of the past three years, their live reputation one of the key factors in their appeal.

They followed the release of the two volumes of the Vieux Freres albums with an extensive schedule of live dates in France and beyond. The act want the new live album to be more than just a collection of live version of tracks already available on the studio albums, but want it to be more of an audio documentary of the band while they were touring.

The new track comes after the release of a live version of the track Blizzard,a track from their debut EP.

The new live album is released on April 1 and is already available to pre-order in a variety of formats.

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