Friday, 4 March 2016

Superbus: Strong and Beautiful

A new single by Superbus, with the song Strong and Beautiful heralding the arrival of the band's sixth album.

The band, fronted by Jennifer Ayache, last released an album in 2012, their Sunset collection reaching the top five in France. Its predecessor, 2009's Lova Lova reached number 2 in France.

The band took a break following Sunset,  Ayache released the solo album +001 in 2014. Last year she cancelled a solo tour and confirmed that Superbus would be returning to action.

Since then, the Superbus version of the Téléphone track Un Autre Monde was the highlight of last year's ça, c'est vraiment nous tribute album to the veteran French act.

The 2016 version of the band is a four piece, drummer Greg Jacks parting with the band last year.

It's rumoured that the new album could be coming out in June and the band are expected to release tour dates shortly. 

Meanwhile, a show has been confirmed at Caen on March 8 for Virgin Radio and a show will be taking place in Calais on April 10.

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