Thursday, 12 May 2016

Matthieu Chedid: Purple Rain at Cannes

A performance at the Cannes festival by Matthieu Chedid saw a tribute to Prince, with a version of Purple Rain by one of the French artists who was most influenced by him.

Chedid's -M- persona could be seen as inspired by the late star, with his playfulness and humour along with his genre-defying take on music, helped by his apparently effortless musical ability.

Of course, Chedid is a very different artist to Prince, but I reckon he took a few of his ideas and made them his own. He'd certainly not be the only artist to do so.

Chedid's been touring with his family, his last solo studion album was 2012's Îl, which he followed with a live album the following year.

He's just recently back in France following a tour of Asia that saw him play in Hong Kong, China, Korea and Japan.

Mathieu Chedid interprète Purple Rain en... by tuxboard

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