Monday, 23 May 2016

Renaud: J'ai embrassé un flic (clip)

A new video for the new single J'ai embrassé un flic by Renaud.

I like the video, a simple idea, the singer doing his bit to distribute some love on the streets of Paris.

While the song commemorates events in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attack, the single comes at an interesting time, with tensions between many oft he public and the police force under stress like never before.

The song is vintage Renaud, funny and touching, clever and honest. He fully understands the paradox of the situation, where a few decades ago he would have been facing the police in the street with open hostility rather than embracing them. I suspect the feeling would have been mutual.

Where does this put Renaud amid the current state of emergency and anti-police tension? He's probably just glad to be here and able to articulate some of the strangeness that followed the horrors of last year's attacks.

Hopefully we'll get to hear his thoughts about what's going on at the moment before too long.

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