Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Fête de la musique 2016 #fdlm2016

Every day on this blog we celebrate a fête de la musique, but today's the day that France as a whole celebrates music.

In venues across the country from concert halls to street corners, music is being celebrated in all its variety. Events are free, and participation and involvement is encouraged.

The French government via the Ministry of Culture supports the event, as does cultural media institutuions like Radio France, France Télévisions and TV5monde.

It's been an annual event in France since 1982, and it's being marked this year in around 120 countries.

In London, the French Music Bureau are hosting an event at the Rich Mix on Bethnal Green road featuring Talisao, rapper Man Like Nells and a DJ set from C.A.R.

Elsewhere, the Alliance Française Glasgow has been linking with the Cottier Chamber Project to put on a series of several classical music performance, and organising a series of lunchtime cultural conferences. Today, as well as a screening of the film Il est minuit, Paris s’éveille, it's also  hosting an open stage for performers.

The Institut français d'Écosse in Edinburgh has a busy programme, and is hosting French acoustic folk singer Adrian and French- Cameroonian indie perormer Djana Gabrielle.

Playing in the venue's theatre there's also Edinburgh indie band Fuzzystar, and local based (But Buenos Aires formed)  band The New Beans and Franco Scots act Jack and The ' .

So while France enjoys a day of Music, there's plenty going on elsewhere, and of course this blog remains a place where French music is celebrated every single day.

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