Monday, 20 June 2016

Hellfest 2016

Another major festival weekend in France, with among other events the Hellfest event being held in Clisson.

While there are other major metal festivals in Europe, among them Download in the UK and its associated French event, but Hellfest looks head and shoulders above the rest.

It genuinely features metal in its widest possible definition, from classic rock to underground, heritage acts to developing artists.

This year was the eleventh time it's been held and its reputation has grown to the extent that an increasing number of fans in the UK are now attending Clisson or considering heading there next year.

Given the choice of Clisson or Donnington, the French venue seems all the more attractive, and with 140acts there was something for pretty much every rock fan on the menu.

This year Black Sabbath and Rammstein headlined, with Megadeth and Slayer among the many, many acts worth seeing.

Some acts played both Download and Hellfest, including Rammstein and Sabbath, and while Download may have had Iron Maiden, Hellfest had Ghost who cancelled their appearance at Download.

However, for this blog the prospect of Magma playing was something special. Sunn o))) and Earth were on the same stage, all presenting extreme rock that falls beyond any normal category.

Hellfest will be on again next year, on June 16, 17 and 18.

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