Monday, 10 October 2016

M Pokora: Belinda

A newn single by M Pokora, with the track Belinda, a cover of the hit by French music legend of the 60s and 70s Claude François.

Pokora's new album My Way consists of versions of Claude François songs. Claude François is of course the singer who's track Comme D'Habitide was re-interpreted in English as My Way, the Sinatra classic.

It's a bold project, for although Claude François is remembered fondly, his artistic reputation is not great. Cloco has never been fully rehabilitated from his catalogue of French interpretations of 70s easy listening and disco hits, always the opportunist rather than the innovator.

But he was massively popular, and there's still a market for his music even now, decades after his death as the endless stream of re-issues attests. It'll be interesting to see if there's much crossover with the younger generation of music fans associated with M Pokora.

Belinda came from Cloclo's 1971 album Le Lundi au Soleil and was originally the B side of a single.

My Way is released on October 21.

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