Monday, 17 October 2016

Renaud: Live in London

An appearance in London tomorrow night by the legendary Renaud, one of the many stops in the tour he's undertaking following the release of his latest abum earlier this year.

It's worth pausing a second to remember just how unlikely all this seemed just a few years ago. Renaud was apparently all but washed up, his voice shot and his career over, his health failing.

But his comeback has been little short of remarkable, with an album that's among his best, and a critical and commercial success like no other during his career.

Meanwhile his aptly named Phénix tour, which began this month sees him taking to the stage after a ten year absence, with lengthy two and a half hour sets covering his career.

The question of whether or not his voice is back hasn't been answered. There are of course many who maintain he never had much of a voice in the first place. But the London show gives Brits, and the many French living here, a chance to catch up with Renaud.

Renaud's album gets a re-issued on November 18, the new version featuring two bonus unreleased tracks and a DVD with an interview and a look at his recording the album in the studio and on tour.

Renaud plays the Eventim Apollo and continues a run of dates at the Zénith in Paris before embarking on more shows across France through to April next year.

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  1. Why no mention of le grand Jacques? I mean Higelin 75 - wonderful stuff, and even incredible! Bien a vous