Friday, 6 January 2017

Part Time Friends - Here We Are: Citroën C3 advert

A new advertising campaign for Citroën on the TV in the UK, featuring music by French act Part Time Friends, with an English language version of their track Here We Are.

Part Time Friends have been around since 2009, and are a Paris-based duo of Pauline Lopez de Ayora and Florent Biolchini.

They describe their music as West Coast American Pop/Scottish Folk. Appropriate given that it looks like some of the advert was shot here in Glasgow.

It's always good to see a French product being advertised with a French music soundtrack. I know some would criticise it as overly commercial, but I reckon it reflects well on both the product and the act, helping the artist get some play in the UK while also helping the reputation of Citroën for being at the cutting edge.

But above all, it's always a real pleasure to hear some dreamy French pop in an unexpected context.

The song features on Part Time Friends 2016 album Fingers Crossed.

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