Thursday, 1 June 2017

Benjamin Clementine: Phantom of Aleppoville

Wonderful to hear a new track by the incomparable Benjamin Clementine with the song Phantom of Aleppoville, his first solo release since his debut album.

It's a dramatic and challenging work by an artist who is probably one of the most unique voices to emerge in recent years.

It is not an easy listening experience, there's something of the 21st century Scott Walker in its range and ambition.

It would be easy - and no doubt profitable - for him to slide into delivering fairly safe jazz/soul material, but he's released something that's far more complex and thought provoking instead.

It certainly bears repeated listening, revealing more each time. I'm excited about what might be coming next.

Clementine, who won both a Victoires de la Musique award the Mercury Music Prize in 2015, also recently featured on the recently-released new album by Gorillaz.

He's playing live this month at a number of festivals in mainland Europe, with a set at the We Love Green festival in Paris next week .

He's recently announced details of a UK and European tour, with tickets going on sale from Friday June 2.

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