Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Hugo Barriol: On the Road

Only in France could a performer come quite literally from the underground.

Singer songwriter Hugo Barriol would perform at stations in Paris before winning the Métro Music Award, a music prize for accredited performers on the French capital's transport system.

The award proved a first class ticket for Barriol, who was offered appearances on TV reality music shows as a result. He turned down the opportunities, choosing instead to keep his focus on his solo music career.

The Saint Etienne native says that constantly performing his own work to commuters in the corridors below the French capital helped him to discover his own voice.

The Paris Métro is home to hundreds of talented performers every day, playing every variety of music. The accreditation system ensures that the performers are good enough so they won't put the travellers off their journeys.

The song On the Road is the title track of a six-track EP released on June 16, and he performs a free showcase gig at FNAC Les Halles the same day.

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