Sunday, 25 February 2018

Fishbach: Eternité video clip

Fishbach's album gets a UK release, just as a new video emerges for the track Eternité emerges in France.

The video's great, a post-snapchat montage capturing an artist at the top of her game but who doesn't take things too seriously. We'll hopefully be seeing a lot more of over the next year or so.

She deserves some serious promotion in the UK, she's the kind of artist who could establish herself quite firmly here and in the USA. 

Christine and the Queens proved beyond a doubt that there is a potential audience for francophone artists in an English speaking audience that has perhaps been overlooked for too long.

Record companies are now much more conservative than ever, and they'd rather market an artist who has already established themselves than take a chance spending money and nurturing entirely new talent that might or might not deliver in the future.

Fishbach has certainly proved through her success in France with À ta merci that she's an artist already capable of attracting both commercial and critical success. An appearance on the shortlist for the 2018 Victoires de  la Musique for breakthrough live act gave her a platform to a wider public that she certainly made the most of.

She's got shows in Germany at the end of this month followed by dates in north America.

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