Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Bertrand Cantat: Les Pluies Diluviennes

A new video from Bertrand Cantat, with the track Les Pluies Diluviennes the latest from last year's
Amor Fati collection to get a visual treatment.

The debate over Cantat shows no sign of abating whatsoever. He remains a convicted killer, having taken the life of his then girlfriend actress Marie Trintignant in 2003.

He may have served his sentence, but for many there can be no forgiveness for his actions.

Meanwhile, the death of his ex-wife Krisztina Rády in 2010 has also sparked renewed debate over Cantat. Rády, the mother of two children with Cantat, died in the same house Cantat was staying in, and she had complained of suffering mental abuse from him. Magistrates at the time chose not to pursue charges against Cantat, but there are reports that he now faces another legal inquiry into her death after a lawyer spoke to investigators who invited her to file a formal complaint.

According to RFI, Cantat's lawyer denounced this new complaint as 'based on lies.'

Anger over his return as a solo artist has resulted in the cancellation of festival appearances, but he is scheduled to play at the Zénith in Paris on June 7. His fans will give him a warm welcome. Others say his return will be met with a demonstration.

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