Monday, 11 June 2018

Mylène Farmer: Rolling Stone on TF1

A high profile Saturday night appearance by Mylène Farmer this weekend, as she took to the stage of the La Chanson de l'année programme to perform her recent hit Rolling Stone.

Mylène, probably the biggest music star in France, performed with a team of six dancers in front of the audience at the Arena in Nîmes. The historic amphitheatre makes quite a dramatic backdrop for any spectacle, Farmer as always was keen to make the most of the occasion.

During the performance of the track, which was created along with French producer Feder, her dancers revealed (probably) the title of her next single. Letters on the back of their costumes spelled out "N'oublies pas".

It's a tactic she employed last month when she performed the song at the final of the French edition of The Voice, revealing her forthcoming album is likely to be called Désobéissance. While the title has not been officially confirmed, the new collection is expected to be released in the autumn.

Other performers on the show included Hyphen Hyphen, Louane. Tal and MC Solaar.

The winner of the actual Chanson de l'année award might have been Maria Maria by Kendji Girac, but M ylène made certain her performance was the one that was being talked about afterwards.


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