Thursday, 28 February 2013

April March and Aquaserge: Des tics et des tocs

A great track by April March and Aquaserge, who despite their Rive Gauche retro vibe are in fact a cross trans Atlantic collaboration involving a singer from California and an international band of psychedelic outsiders

April March is a songwriter, singer and francophone from California whose real name is Elinor Blake. She has released nine albums during her career so far, performing in both English and French.

One of her songs, Chick Habit was featured in Tarantino's film Death Prooof. Chick habit was in fact an English translation of Serge gainsbourg's Laisse tomber les Filles, which featured on her 1995 album Gainsbourgsion!, a collection of her interpretations of Gainsbourg's work.

She teamed up with Aquaserge in Paris in 2007, a band featuring Tame Impala drummer Julien Barbagallo, Melody's Echo Chamber collaborator Benjamin Glibert and former Stereolab member Julien Gasc.

Gasc said: "A friend invited us to play as her backing band for the evening."

"I remember Elinor in her fuchsia dress. I thought that she was so classy and splendid in her way of being, moving, of dancing, of singing. She's a muse, our intellectual other half. We're eerily similar in our tastes: music, the arts, literature, cinema, food. We had to do a record together, that was obvious.”

Their forthcoming album was written and recorded between Blake's US apartment and the band's Vallesvilles barn near Toulouse in the French countryside.

On recording there, Blake said: "On warm days we'd have the barn doors to the studio wide open so when I recorded my vocals it'd be to a random audience of birds and chickens."

The album April March and Aquaserge is released on May 13.

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