Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Yelle - L'amour Parfait

A new track by Yelle - L'amour parfait - has surfaced, ahead of the release of their new album.

They'd promised that they'd have new material out on Feb 11, but put this song online a few days early.

The song comes from an EP that comes out next week.

The new song is a classy piece of contemporary electro pop that demands a repeated listen. It's a  sophisticated and mature work and Yelle's voice really stands out against the darker beats.

Their last album, Safari Disco Club, was released in 2011 and it saw the band get a huge amount of international attention, including a huge amount of live dates in the USA and support for Katy Perry on her tour.

While the album didn't produce a hit like the song Je Veux te Voir from their 2007 debut Pop Up, it certainly got the band a huge new audience.

The new track is producer by Grandmarnier and Aeroplane, and the EP features remixes by Baadman, Sticky K, Ruben Mandolini and The Phantom.

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