Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mother of Two: Breizh Cola advert

A new advertising campaign in France by Breizh Cola, the third biggest selling Cola in France (I wonder what the other two might be...?) sees Paris indie band Mother of Two providing the soundtrack.

The brand sells well in the Brittany area, and this year it's expanding its sales to Paris.

Breizh Cola is certainly quite an innovator in its marketing, it's red and white colour scheme and it's Breton versioning of American iconography (Film posters, GIs etc) gives it a cheeky and rebellious profile.

In many ways it reminds me of Scotland's Irn-Bru, an iconic brand in its local area, using clever marketing and advertising to establish itself beyond the area of its traditional support.

The brand's long been involved as a sponsor for musical events in Brittany, such as the Vielles Charrues festival and the Festival Interceltique de l'Orient.

Good luck to them, and hopefully we'll get see it more available before too long.

The music meanwhile is by Mother of Two, a Paris based trio who recently released their first EP I want to Meet You. It's certainly something that fans of bands like the Frantellis or Supergrass would love instantly.

Singer Julien Gaulier has been active in indie folk act Hey Hey My My since 2005, Mother of Two formed by the musicians' mutual love of 90s alternative rock.

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