Friday, 14 June 2013

Sébastien Patoche: Quand il pète il troue son slip

It's often a tough job justifying French music, but this year it's been easier than ever thanks to the success of acts like Daft Punk and Phoenix.

But now and again, it's not so easy, as the success of a song  shows.

The song went to number one in the French iTunes chart immediately on its release. It took the top place from Get Lucky by Daft Punk, just as the song was dominating the charts around the world.

The song comes from the French TV show Touche pas à mon poste, featuring the character Sébastien Patrick created by presenter and comedian Cartman, a parody of TV presenter and entertainer Patrick Sébastien.

The name was slightly changed to Sébastien Patoche for the clip, but the song remains the same.

But after all, the UK is the place that saw the likes of Bob the builder, the Tellytubbies and the Crazy Frog ringtone sell millions of copies, so maybe we should reserve judgement for now.

I'll get back to something a bit more artistically meritorious straight after this clip.

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