Saturday, 29 June 2013

Variations on Get Lucky

One thing that's impressed about Daft Punk's Get Lucky is the apparent ease with which the song has been adapted into different styles and how its mutated in the hands of other musicians like an internet meme that re-appears in different forms.

Whether pastiche, homage, re-mix, or mash-up, musicians and others taking the song as their starting point and adapting the song into something else.

Firstly, the original, and arguably the best. Still not enough video for the track, but perhaps they spent all the promotional money on the guerilla marketing ahead of its release. Still, lack of a video has hardly been a hindrance to sales given figures like it being the first song of 2013 to sell one million copies this year, already the biggest seller in the UK this year.

Wilco are one of the many bands who have covered the song live

US TV host Jimmy Fallon presented a version of it in a Black Simon and Garfunkle style

A bogus Irish tenor version of the song sounds a bit like this:

However, a more 'authentic' Irish version might be this one in Irish Gaeilge, An tÁdh 'Nocht" le Daift Ponc. Cracking video as well.

Here's a version that takes it back to basics by Collective Cadenza. If you can ten hands on the one piano as basic, that is.

Still, if you find the disco groove too uptight, you can always chill out with a smoother version of the tune.

Of course, one version that certainly raised a smile was the one that featured Barack Obama.

he US president wasn't the only unexpected vocal take of the song, here's one that features Michael Jackson

For an acoustic version of the song in s folk/jazz/classical crossover style, you'd probably want something like this:

But Daft Punk through the Ages is one version that showcases the versatility of the song like no other.

Not enough? Try this looped version of the song if you've got ten hours to spare. Ideal if you're up all night.

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