Monday, 13 January 2014

April March & Aquaserge: Des Tics et Des Tocs

I mentioned  Des Tics et Des Tocs by April March & Aquaserge  last year, and it's nice to see a video (more a short film even) emerge to illustrate the song.

It's a suitable  video full of retro charm for the song , while I missed on giving it a mention when it emerged at the end of last month, it certainly deserves your attention.

Best to not quite believe the translation subtitles though.

California-based April March has released several albums so far, her song Chick Habit ( a version of Gainsbourg's Laisser Tomber les Filles) appearing the soundtrack for Tarantino's Deathproof

She teamed up with Aquaserge in Paris in 2007, a band featuring Tame Impala drummer Julien Barbagallo, Melody's Echo Chamber collaborator Benjamin Glibert and former Stereolab member Julien Gasc.

Director Jonathan Caouette said: ""It’s an homage (in some ways to an old Scopitone film, but a mildly surrealistic one ) It has an existential slant to it. The subtitled lyrics are not the actual lyrics. We shot it in my neighborhood in NYC in just one very HOT day.

"The cast and crew were all enormous troopers in the heat. I was thrilled to work on this and I could not have done it without Elinor Blake, Benjamin Schoos, American Apparel,my kick arse choreographer Ovi, my terrific editor Casey, Carry Curran, and ultimately, my friends at Cowboy Bear Nijia. I consider it, in some ways, my first official music video."

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