Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Cats on Trees: Siren's Call

One of the good things about January is having a bit of time to to catch up with some of the things that I
missed last year.

One of the acts I failed to give my full attention to was Cats on Trees, who I heard good things about but failed to actually listen to. A grave mistake that I quickly put right this month.

The duo from Toulouse, consisting of Nina Goern and Yohan Hennequin released their self-titled debut album in October last year. Siren's call was their first single.

The album reached the top 40 in France, and has been nominated for the Breakthrough Album category in this year's  Les Victoires de la Musique awards.

They're the kind of act that you instantly like as soon as you hear them, the kind of band you can't believe you haven't heard them before.

I'm certain that 2014 will be a breakthough year for them.

They've got extensive live dates all over France in the next few months, and play at La Cigale in Paris on May 6

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