Monday, 30 June 2014

Stromae at Glastonbury 2014

This weekend saw the Glastonbury Festival take place in Somerset in England, probably the UK's most significant annual music event.

While the likes of headliners Kasabian, Arcade Fire and Metallica get a huge amount of exposure, there are bands playing on different stages throughout the weekend, and while there is a crowd of 135,000 at the event, the showcase nature of the event means a set at Glastonbury can mean a big step up for any act, wherever they are on the bill.

While not troubling the BBC coverage of the event,  watching it this weekend you'd be mistaken for thinking only the Black Keys, Lana Del Rey and Ellie Goulding performed, Stromae took to the stage. For many it would be their first taste of the artist who is one of the biggest in Europe at the moment, and I'm sure he left with many more admirers.

His performance comes just after Stromae unveiled a new video, this time for the track Ta fête, which has a theme that coincides well with the World Cup, albeit taking a  somewhat different take on the event.

While Racine carrée might have come out a year ago, there's still an audience to be won over by its charms, and hopefully a performance at Glastonbury will help convince an English-speaking audience of the value of music outside their linguistic comfort zone.

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  1. He (and his band) were superb. Drama, music, interaction. Comedic rapid-fire French being a highlight, alongside his death, of course.