Wednesday, 24 June 2015

New Acts: Montoya - We Are On The Hill,

A track by Montoya, We Are On The Hill, as fine  piece of indie electronic, with something of a folk
flavour about it, as you could wish for.

Montoya are from Paris and Nice, and describe what they do as electric folk / indie pop / cavalcades.

There's something of the epic vision of Florence and the Machine and the charm of Cats in Trees in what they do.

So far they've released their debut single Carry Oceans last year, a track that also deserves a listen, as well as a cover of the GOLF track All in All.

While it's certainly early days for them, they've not put a foot wrong so far.

 A full studio recored EP is next, if what they've done so far is any indication of what we can expect it will be pretty special.

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