Wednesday, 17 June 2015

New Acts: Rhum for Pauline - When Endless Ends

A video for the track When Endless Ends by Rhum for Pauline.

Rhum for Pauline are a five-piece  Nantes-based act.

The track features on their new three-track EP, alongside Pursuit and a live version of their song Boyshake Lady.

For a band yet to release a debut album, Rhum for Pauline have been around for a few years, their debut EP Miami emerging in 2010, followed by the Can Reach the Top EP in 2012. They've had the rare chance to mature nicely, working with other musicians and other projects over the years to craft their sound.

I've previously featured Lenparrot, side project from Rhum for Pauline vocalist Romain Lallement.

The band now features him alongside two original members Thibaud Vanhooland and Emile Ployaert, and Raphaël d'Hervez from Pégase on keyboards and former Pony Pony Run Run member Antonin Pierre on guitar.

The band are on FVTVR Records, home of the likes of Disco Anti Napoléon, Minitel Rose and  Pégase, who produced and mixed When Endless Ends.

The debut album from Rhum for Pauline is expected in September.

Before then, they play at the Nüba in Paris on June 20 and are on the bill for the FVTVR festival in Nantes alongside labelmates and associates from July  9 - 11

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