Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Enchanted Wood: I'm From Rennes

Some nice video emerged by The Enchanted Wood, an act that I've enthused about on this blog since I heard their 2012 Monster Parade album.

The Enchanted Wood is essentially a solo project by Fat Supper associate Michel Le Faou, regularly backed by live members of that band and other musicians.

Le Faou has done video work for Fat Supper, including the clip for their track Grotorro.

The video comes from September last year, when The Enchanted Wood performed as part of the I'm From Rennes festival, and was shot in the city.

It's a tasteful representation of Le Faou's crepuscular crooning, with its nod to neofolk.

It features three tracks, Rise of the Jellyfish, Children of Solitude and The Menstrual World


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