Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Adrien Gallo: Ultra Moderne Solitude

A tasteful session version of the song Ultra moderne Solitude by Adrien Gallo, recorded for Le Figaro newspaper's Avant-Scènes du Figaro video section.

Gallo is known for being the singer with BB Brunes, but has embarked on a solo career with the release of his Gemini album in November last year.

Ultra Moderne Solitude  was originally a hit for Alain Souchon, the title track of his 1988 album.

The music was written by Laurent Voulzy.

Gallo's version is a much more electro take on the song.

Gallo has also established himself in recent years as a songwriter for other artists, with songs recorded by Vanessa Paradis on her  Love Songs collection, as well as songs for Hollysiz.

INEDIT : Adrien Gallo reprend "Ultra-Moderne Solitude" pour les Avant-Scènes du Figaro

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